What is the detection and repair of the motor parts?

May 29, 2019
Latest company news about What is the detection and repair of the motor parts?

What is the detection and repair of the motor parts?


The insulating sleeve of the motor parts is completely free from cracks and looseness. The lead connections should be secure, and the insulation resistance should not be less than 0.5 MΩ at a working temperature of 75 °C. In the brush device, the lower edge of the brush box is required to be 2~4mm away from the surface of the motor fitting. If the distance is too large, the brush will jump in the brush box. If it is a hard brush, it is likely to be broken. The brush should be slidably flexible in the brush box, and the inner surface of the brush box is smooth. The radial dimension tolerance of the inner hole of the brush box is H10, and the axial dimension tolerance is H8. Brush width and thickness dimension tolerance d11. The gap between the brush and the brush box should be 0.1~0.2mm, the gap is too large, and the brush will produce tangential oscillation in the brush box, which will affect the normal operation of the motor parts; the gap is too small so that the brush is stuck in the brush box, causing similar The arc of the electric arc burns the surface of the copper ring.

During the overhaul, you should carefully inspect the motor parts: whether the motor parts work surface is smooth, with or without burn marks, streaks, and other defects. The work surface is required to be smooth, and there should be no rust and grease. The outer part of the motor parts should be properly bundled and properly sealed. If not handled well, it can be bundled with a non-woven glass ribbon impregnated with synthetic resin to prevent the outer leakage mica sheet from scattering when the motor is running. The matching of the motor parts with the shaft and the cooperation of the rings and the insulating sleeve should be firm. Use a small hammer to tap the copper ring and the copper joint, and there should be a metal sound.

The brush should be in close contact with the ring. The pressure difference between the brushes should not exceed 20% of its average value. A wound rotor asynchronous motor with a brushing device, the electric shock on the short-circuit ring is evenly contacted with the blade on the motor fitting, and the contact area is more than 60%, to avoid the single-phase operation of the rotor or the overheating of the contact and loss of elasticity. For the surface of the motor parts, such as slight burn marks, pitting, brush marks, and other defects, you can use oil stone, fine sanding, and finally, use the zero-zero sand cloth to light. Under normal circumstances, the motor parts should not be easily turned, and life will be reduced by turning once.



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