Low noise diesel generator set cooling treatment precautions

May 28, 2019

Low noise diesel generator set cooling treatment precautions
With the continuous development of urban construction in China, diesel generator sets are ideally used as emergency power sources. They are widely used by post and telecommunications, airports, banks, hotels, and other departments. However, the noise propagating to the surroundings during the working state of the diesel engine group seriously affects the lives and rest of the residents. As a kind of physical pollution, noise directly feels and recognizes people because of its regional, random, and sensory three pollution characteristics. With the development of the social economy and the improvement of human environmental awareness, noise pollution has been widely used. Attention and attention. To this end, Commer Generators specializes in developing and manufacturing a low-noise diesel generator set suitable for people's surroundings.

The use of low-noise diesel generator sets generally requires a continuous operation, and the machine itself generates heat during continuous operation, and the machine needs to be cooled.

So what do you need to pay attention to when releasing water?

When the water is discharged, the temperature of the external environment of the low-noise diesel generator set is too low, so the cooling water should be discharged when the water temperature drops after 15 minutes after the shutdown, not to say that the discharge is performed at the end of the shutdown. Otherwise, the temperature difference between the fuselage and the external environment will be too large, which will cause some components of the low-noise diesel generator set to be deformed, which will affect the diesel engine's performance.

As for the water discharge switch, you can't leave the water switch open, but you should pay attention to the specific water flow situation in the surrounding area. Check whether the water flow is smooth or not, and see if the water flow is small or fast. Phenomenon. If these conditions occur, the cooling water contains impurities and hinders the normal outflow of water. The best way to do this is to remove the drain switch and let the cooling water flow directly out of the body. If you find that the water flow is still not smooth, then you should use a hard and slender steel object such as a wire to clear it until the water flow is smooth.

Finally, when the cooling water stops flowing out, it is better to shake the low-noise diesel generator set a few more times so that to use the remaining water and the cooling water that is not easy to flow out, use the vibration of the diesel engine to flow, after the water is discharged, The drain switch should be in the open state to prevent the cooling water from flowing out and freezing the corresponding parts of the diesel engine to cause unnecessary losses.

The cooling water of the diesel engine should pay attention to the discharge step when it is exhausted. It must be ensured that the cooling water of the centimeter is discharged once to avoid unnecessary loss of the residual water in the diesel engine to ensure that the machine can be used in the future. Thus, there is unnecessary trouble in use.


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