The importance of maintenance of diesel generator sets

May 14, 2019

The importance of maintenance of diesel generator sets

Diesel generator sets are used as the emergency backup power supply after the mains failure. Most of the time, the unit is in the standby state. Once the power is cut off, the team is required to “get up and supply.” Otherwise, the spare unit will lose its meaning! The practice has proved that strengthening daily maintenance is the most cost-effective method. Because the team is static for a long time, the various materials of the unit itself will undergo complicated chemical and physical changes with the oil, cooling water, diesel oil, air, etc., thus “disposing of” the team.

In the actual work, the company received the unit failure repair. There are many serious faults, often caused by minor maintenance negligence and lack of professional inspection. For example, the fuel storage tank of diesel oil will condense due to the change of temperature in the atmosphere, and the water droplets will be attached to the inner wall of the fuel tank and flow into the diesel oil, causing the water content of the diesel oil to exceed the standard. Such diesel oil will enter the engine high-pressure oil pump and will corrode. Precision coupling parts --- plunger, severely damaged the unit. You can avoid regular maintenance.

Nearly 30% of the faults in the unit's failure to start repairing are: the team starts the battery failure, for example, the battery is unmaintained for a long time, the electrolyte does not get replenished after the water volatilization; the starting battery charger is not configured; the storm is long After the natural discharge, the power is reduced, or the charger used needs to perform the equalization/floating charge switching manually, and the battery power is not required due to negligence of the switching operation.

In addition, in the daily inspection of diesel generator sets, it is difficult for non-professionals to find some small traces, which usually causes the unit to malfunction and cannot use it. When it is necessary to start the team in an emergency, we cannot operate the equipment. When the repair and maintenance personnel arrive at the scene to judge the fault, determine the maintenance plan, and then start to purchase the parts and repair to the end, at least ten days or half a month has passed, the loss is no longer available. Recover.

At present, many users who use diesel generator sets have to hand over the crew to the professional for regular inspection and maintenance to ensure that you can use the equipment in an emergency. In particular, some basic units and departments, such as radio and television systems, hospitals, enterprises with core equipment that cannot be powered off, and many chemical companies with high fire protection requirements.

The purpose of purchasing backup power generation equipment is to prevent problems before they happen. To put it bluntly, when the equipment is needed, it can operate and solve the urgent need. Otherwise, the enterprise will pay for the equipment to become a vase.

The importance of proper maintenance and inspection of diesel generator sets is self-evident, and accurate assessment and care require professional knowledge and experience. Many users' operators are trained. However, because the training is all about the rough operation common sense, and there is no experience for discovering hidden dangers and the advanced prediction of equipment failure, these are impossible for the general operators. Therefore, professional maintenance and inspection of diesel generator sets by professionals are correct.


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