Motor and its drive control are inseparable from effective solutions and designs

May 15, 2019

Motor and its drive control are inseparable from practical solutions and designs.


Nowadays, all walks of life are beginning to contact information on automation, which will help further to expand the market for motors and their drive control.

As we all know, the motor control system is the key to ensure efficient operation and low power consumption. Still, it is required to minimize energy consumption and loss, continuously improve the flexibility and robustness of the machine operation, and meet the demanding application equipment. So for designers, not only in the development cycle shortened but also faces various innovation challenges.

To this end, Dabit will hold the 12th (Hangzhou) Motor Drive and Control Technology Seminar in Hangzhou on May 30, 2019. Through technical exchanges and seminars, it is beneficial for enterprises to clearly define the direction of research and development and improve their deficiencies, and quickly occupy and enhance the high-end market share.

Recently, Toshiba has developed a variable frequency drive solution for brushless DC motors. Its solutions can be widely used in kitchen products, such as range hoods, to enable the range hood to achieve strong suction, large air volume, and significant static pressure.

This reference design uses Toshiba motor drive dedicated microcontroller TMPM375FSDMG and intelligent power module (IPD) TPD4123AK for motor control. This solution uses a vector control algorithm to achieve non-inductive variable frequency motor control. The MCU with Arm® Cortex®-M3 core combines with Toshiba's unique vector engine for precise range hood control. As a result, the hardware structure is reliable and straightforward, and the software uses a vector engine to realize vector operation, high speed and reliability, and simple program structure.

On the application side, the STMicroelectronics STSPIN motor drive embeds all the required functions for an efficient and high-precision movement, ensuring that every advanced motion profiler is in operation, reduces not only the host microcontroller but also provides flexibility. With reliability.

Moreover, with supply power as low as 1.8 volts, the STSPIN motor driver enables motor-powered intelligent devices to save a significant amount of energy.

The conference includes seven topics: high-speed low-noise motor, step-drive single-chip solution, new energy vehicle motor control technology, motor-free sensor FOC vector control, efficient, low-cost motor control solution, and engine drive New devices new solutions, the development trend of mainstream motor control technology.

Currently exhibiting companies: Jingfeng Mingyuan, Huada, Tyco (TE), Toshiba, AEM Technology, Weiyali, Silan Micro, Lingo, Techno, Smart, Hyde, Ruisen, Lerida, Aide Kesi, Xinjiang, Yiyang Information, Sanxin, Jingheng Technology, etc.

The conference will be held at the Relex Hotel in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, on May 30th. You can sign up for the seminar directly by identifying the QR code below! Anyone who signs up before May 27th and attends the conference can get a small piece of intelligent music! (Receiving objects: industry drivers such as motor driver, motor controller, motor hotspot application driver, etc.)


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