Preparation before the start of the diesel generator set

May 14, 2019

Preparation before the start of the diesel generator set

Diesel generator sets are suitable for backup power and are spare and emergency equipment to alleviate power shortages. However, the user can generally start when the unit is in use, and it is necessary to prepare the generator set before starting.

First of all, before starting the diesel generator set, it is necessary to check whether the diesel engine parts are standard and if the connection of each accessory is reliable? For example, you must tighten all the joints of the intake pipe and the cooling water pipe; then, check whether the amount of engine coolant is sufficient. When it is insufficient, it should fill up. Also, check whether the lubricating oil level in the oil pan of the generator set is specified. Location; and check whether the diesel fuel in the fuel tank is sufficient, whether the connection of each line of the starting system is correct, and whether the battery is fully charged.

After performing a series of checks, the other thing to do is use the hand pump on the fuel pump to inject fuel into the fuel system and loosen the bleed screw on the fuel pump (or unscrew the fuel filter). The bleed screw plug on the upper part removes the air in the fuel system until the fuel flowing out from the venting area is free of air bubbles. Then tighten the bleeder screw or the bleed screw plug, continue to pump the oil by hand until the return pipe has oil return, and then tighten the hand pump.

For new, overhauled engines or diesel generator sets that have been unused for more than five days, the crankshaft should be turned 3 to 5 revolutions before starting. For turbocharged engines, you must first remove the oil inlet pipe, and 50-60 ml of clean lubricating oil is added to lubricate the bearings. Then replace the oil inlet pipe.

It is emphasized here that for those diesel generator sets usually parked and used only for emergency use, to ensure timely start-up, during the parking period, the test run should start every 3~5 days, and the temperature should reach the water and oil temperature. Above 60 ° C, while ensuring that the room temperature of the equipment room is not lower than 10 ° C.


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