Swimming pool pump use skill

July 12, 2019
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Swimming pool pump use skills


When the swimming pool pump has too much head lift, it will affect the filtration accuracy, cause human injury, overload overheating, burn out the motor, vaporize cavitation, damage the pump and piping system. It is necessary for the newly designed swimming pool and spa to consider various factors and carry out the head calculation according to the actual project. It cannot be taken for granted. For the already running system, check the pump front vacuum gauge readings and the post-pump pressure gauge to determine the actual working system head. For the major problems, do the following:


· Replace the pump and select a pump that is similar to the actual working lift and flow.


· Cut and reduce the outer diameter of the impeller to reduce the rated lift of the pump so that it is close to the actual working head of the pump


· Before the pump starts, close the valve on the water outlet pipe (the valve is located in front of the pump and tank), start the motor, thicken the bracket swimming pool wholesale, and gradually open the valve after the pump runs smoothly. By controlling the opening of the outlet valve, the pump flow is reduced, thereby reducing pump load and heat generation.





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