What is the vertical pipeline pump?

July 9, 2019


Dismantled vertical pipeline pump

1. The independent bearing body and pump shaft support are used to solve the inadequacy of the original vertical pipeline pump supported by the motor bearing;
2. The impeller with an excellent hydraulic model eliminates the inadequacy of the axial force of the original vertical pipeline pump;
3. The motor adopts the Y series standard universal motor to solve the problem that the original vertical pipeline pump and the long shaft motor are difficult to replace.
4. At the same time, 100% of the structure is removed, which solves the problem of replacing the bearings, mechanical seals, impellers, and pump shafts of high-power pumps.
Compared with domestic similar products, the split vertical pipeline pump has the advantages of more stable operation, long service life, more convenient matching, easier maintenance, and so on.



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