What is the choice of the cutting amount of the motor shaft?

May 27, 2019
Latest company news about What is the choice of the cutting amount of the motor shaft?

The cutting speed, the feed amount f, and the back-feeding amount of the motor shaft are three parameters called cutting amount. Reasonable cutting refers to the amount of cutting that can achieve higher productivity and lower cost while making full use of cutting performance and machine performance and ensuring processing quality. Any one of the three factors of increasing the amount of cutting can improve production efficiency. However, because the cutting amount is too high and the tool durability is lowered, it is necessary to frequently change the tool and sharpen the blade, which affects the production efficiency. Among the three factors of cutting amount, the most important influence on the tool's durability is the cutting speed, followed by the feed amount, and the least influence is the amount of the back knife.

(1) When roughing, the blank amount is the largest, the workpiece processing precision and surface roughness are low, and the large backing knife should be preferred. Then consider the large feed rate f, and finally, choose a reasonable cutting speed.

(2) The machining allowance is small during finishing, the machining accuracy is high, and the surface roughness value is small. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the processing quality as the main basis for selecting the amount of cutting, and then consider increasing the productivity as much as possible. Generally, a small amount of back-feeding knife and a feed amount f are selected, and a reasonable cutting speed is determined under the premise of ensuring the durability of the tool.

(3) Manufacturing and sharpening more complex tools, such as milling cutters, gear cutters, etc., the cutting amount can be selected lower to improve the tool's durability. On the contrary, you can select the cutting amount such as turning tools and boring tools higher.
(4) Clamping and adjusting more complex tools, such as multi-tool machines, combination machine tools, etc., can choose a lower cutting amount.

(5) Cutting large workpieces, to avoid frequent tool changes during the cutting process, generally choose a lower cutting amount.


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