Hybrid and pure electric difference

October 16, 2019

Hybrid and pure electric difference


A hybrid vehicle generally refers to a vehicle in which an internal combustion engine and an electric motor are simultaneously mounted. The motor is used as an electric motor during acceleration. The driving force is simultaneously provided with the internal combustion engine to improve the acceleration performance and reduce fuel consumption. The motor is used as a generator when driving at medium and low speeds, and the internal combustion engine drives the generator to charge the battery and drives the car at a medium and low speed. Driving; the internal combustion engine fully provides the driving force at high speed; when the motor is decelerating, the motor is used as a generator to recover kinetic energy and convert it into electrical energy in the battery. If properly matched, hybrid vehicles have the advantages of low fuel consumption and environmental performance compared to ordinary internal combustion engines. In addition, they are not as expensive or less as driving a pure electric vehicle.



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