hybrid car

October 16, 2019

hybrid car


Hybrid means that the car uses both gasoline and electric drive. The advantage is that when the vehicle starts to stop, the motor only drives and does not reach a certain speed. The engine does not work. Therefore, you can keep the engine in the best working condition, the power is good, and the discharge is shallow. And the source of electrical energy is the engine. Just add fuel.


With the increasingly strict environmental protection measures in various countries worldwide, there are more and more alternatives to fuel-engined vehicles, such as hydrogen energy vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, and hybrid vehicles. But at present, the most practical value and the mode of commercial operation, only hybrid cars.


The key to a hybrid car is the hybrid system, whose performance is directly related to the overall performance of the hybrid car. After more than ten years of development, the hybrid system assembly has evolved from the original engine and motor discrete structure to the integrated structure of the engine motor and gearbox, namely the integrated hybrid powertrain system.


Hybrid powertrains are classified by the power transmission route and can be classified into three types: series, parallel, and hybrid.



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