How to improve the cleaning efficiency of high pressure washer

January 7, 2020

How to improve the cleaning efficiency of a high-pressure washer

High-pressure cleaners with hollow shaft motors for decontamination have become one of the most scientific and environmentally friendly cleaning methods. Now many industries will use them. When using equipment, everyone hopes that the equipment can maximize its function. What about cleaning efficiency? You can use the following methods for reference:
First, the jet velocity at the nozzle outlet should be increased as much as possible because the high-pressure cleaner uses the impact force of the water jet to clean the items. Only when the impact force is large can you wash the items more efficiently. The impact force is directly proportional to the square of the jet velocity, so increasing the jet velocity at the nozzle exit has great benefits.

Second, to reduce the high-pressure hose resistance loss, entanglement loss, joint loss, and nozzle resistance loss, only by reducing the pressure loss from the pump to the nozzle, the water jet speed is increased.

Third, the nozzle aperture design must meet the requirements, and you must select the nozzle aperture according to the cleaning requirements. An appropriate nozzle aperture can ensure that the pressure and flow of the washing machine are fully utilized and the equipment always operates efficiently.

Fourth, pay attention to the choice of nozzles. The nozzles greatly impact the cleaning quality and efficiency of the high-pressure cleaner, so everyone must choose the appropriate nozzle when choosing.

In short, high-pressure cleaners are used by many people. They are advanced cleaning equipment. As long as they are used well, they will definitely bring great benefits to our lives and production. In addition, we must remind everyone that we must choose a high-quality washing machine and pay attention to the maintenance of the washing machine. Only in this way can the performance of the equipment be guaranteed.



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