The high-pressure cleaner needs emergency shutdown when it encounters the following situations

December 23, 2019

The high-pressure cleaner needs emergency shutdown when it encounters the following situations.

The high-pressure cleaner with a hollow shaft motor needs emergency shutdown when encountering the following situations: 1. Vibration or abnormal sound; 2. Excessive pressure when it exceeds the equipment; 3. The pressure gauge and liquid level indicator display abnormally; 4. Serious water leakage When it cannot be blocked; 5. When the operation failure does not work, don't worry if you cannot resolve these situations. First, press the "Emergency Stop" button quickly, unplug the power and check slowly. If you can't solve it, contact the Claisen high-pressure cleaner manufacturer in time.
Where is the ordinary high-pressure cleaner mainly used? The ordinary high-pressure cleaner is widely used. It comprises a water inlet pipe, a host, a high-pressure water outlet pipe, a high-pressure handle, a high-pressure nozzle, and a high-pressure nozzle. Generally, the machine is equipped with multiple high-pressure nozzles, and the diameters of different high-pressure nozzles are different in size to suit different cleaning objects. In addition, the length of the water pipe can also be increased as needed to meet different user needs.
How to increase the pressure of the high-pressure cleaner? When the high-pressure cleaner uses a high-pressure plunger pump to increase the pressure, the high-pressure plunger pump itself has the characteristics of compact structure, small size, few pipelines, and beautiful appearance, so it will not increase the complexity of the structure of the high-pressure cleaner is also relatively easy to achieve large-scale automated production and assembly. Still, it has higher requirements for sealing materials. For example, if an environmental supercharger is added to the high-pressure cleaner, it can easily reach an ultra-high pressure of 3000 bar; if the sealing method is slightly improved, the high-pressure cleaner can even reach a pressure of 5000 bar.
What kind of high-pressure cleaner is used to clean the pipeline? It is recommended to use a rotary high-pressure cleaner to clean the garbage on the inner wall of the pipeline. It is a rotary high-pressure nozzle installed on the original equipment. There are several high-pressure nozzles on the nozzle, and they can be carried in different directions. Spraying, while rotating in a circular pipe and quickly cleaning all corners without dead corners, in fact, the spray nozzle is mainly used to clear and clean the pipe's inner wall.
Many people use high-pressure cleaners! When cleaning with high-pressure cleaners, the angle is critical. If the nozzle is perpendicular to the cleaning surface, this method will increase the force on the cleaning surface, but it is not easy to use. Washed away by the object, especially thick heavy oil stains. Cleaning on vertical surfaces will enhance the adhesion of the oil stains. In fact, the correct cleaning method is to make the high-pressure cleaner closer to the surface to be cleaned, and the sprayed water should be cleaned at a certain angle with the surface to be cleaned.
How to extend the life of the high-pressure water outlet pipe? When using the high-pressure washer, we must strictly use, maintain and maintain the high-pressure water outlet pipe of the high-pressure washer according to the relevant rules. Try not to bend and knot. Do not twist the high-pressure outlet pipe or step on it when the high-pressure cleaner is in operation. If it is necessary to bend because of the situation on-site, the bending radius should be as large as possible. After use, please put the high-pressure effluent management away.


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