Where is the high pressure water flow cleaner used?

November 5, 2019
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Where is the high-pressure water flow cleaner used?

Where is the high-pressure water flow cleaner used? The high-pressure cleaner is used to clean and maintain various motor vehicles, engineering vehicles, construction machinery, and agricultural machinery, such as washing cars, bulldozers, concrete mixers, tractors, etc. In addition, it is an ideal cleaning tool for personal and small vehicle maintenance units to clean cars and motorcycles. Building exterior walls, floors, baths, and swimming pools are particularly effective for doors, windows, floors, toilets, oil stains, and corners that are difficult to clean.
What is the difference between a steam high-pressure cleaner and a conventional high-pressure cleaner?

The steam high-pressure cleaner is particularly characterized in that it can generate unique molecular oscillations under the combined effects of heat, humidity, impact force, oxidative oxidation, and reduction of ionic vapor, and the hot water part which is sprayed out during work is directly converted into steam. As a result, the high-heat steam directly destroys the peptide bond of the protein so that the dirt can be completely removed from the object's surface to be cleaned, and the blood, oil, and the like, which are difficult to clean, are completely removed and economically.


Is there any use for high-pressure cleaners other than cleaning?

The high-pressure cleaner is one of the most commonly used cleaning equipment in modern times. It cleans the surface of the object with the powerful impact of high-pressure water flow. With the improvement of the performance of the high-pressure cleaner, the pressure is getting bigger and bigger, there is a 500 kg gasoline high-pressure cleaner, and the impact energy of the water flow generated by the pressure of 500 kg is greatly improved so that the high-pressure cleaning equipment of large pressure is not limited to the cleaning aspect. We can use it to carry out metal cutting work. For example, in the automotive industry, the advantages of high-pressure cleaners compared to conventional laser beam, plasma, electron beam, and other thermal cutting processes are quite obvious.

Precautions for purchasing high-pressure outlet pipes:

When I choose the high-pressure outlet pipe, I should determine according to the technical parameters of the high-pressure cleaner. Then, according to the parameter requirements, choose the high-pressure outlet pipe with the matching pressure. Do not use the operation method that exceeds the actual pressure of the high-pressure outlet pipe. Otherwise, it will affect the normal life of the high-pressure outlet pipe. In addition, a high-pressure outlet pipe that is subjected to a higher pressure can be appropriately selected so that the life is longer.

With the continuous development of the industry, the environmental requirements are getting higher and higher, the use of high-pressure cleaners continues to expand, especially in the field of industrial cleaning, has become the preferred equipment for industrial cleaning and is widely promoted and used.


There are many kinds of high-pressure cleaners in the name.

Such as a high-pressure water gun, high-pressure water washing machine, high-pressure washing machine, high-pressure water jet equipment. It is water as the working medium. It is driven by a high-voltage motor to complete the process of sucking and discharging water. The ordinary water is converted into high-pressure and low-flow water of a certain pressure required by the equipment and is emitted through a high-pressure nozzle. The diameter of the high-pressure nozzle is much smaller than the diameter of the high-pressure line, so you must accelerate the water flow to pass the nozzle and spray it out. The high-pressure water jet is a simple and effective form of energy conversion and application. When the impact force of the jetted water current is greater than the adhesion of the dirt to the surface of the object, the dirt is peeled off and washed away to achieve the purpose of cleaning the surface of the object.



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