High pressure cleaner - the best choice for cleaning mine cars

November 4, 2019
Latest company news about High pressure cleaner - the best choice for cleaning mine cars

High-pressure cleaner - the best choice for cleaning mine cars

The cleaning experience of high-pressure cleaners is widely used, and it plays an important role in cleaning mine cars in the field of coal mining. For a long time, the agglomeration of dust at the bottom of the mine car is a difficult problem that affects production power. For many years, the research department has experimented and developed some machines and equipment to clean up the dirt of the mine car, such as electromagnetic sensation, drum planning In the application, the cleaning and cleaning of the mine car are not very good, and there is a phenomenon of low power and poor effect.

The use of high-pressure cleaning equipment to complete this mission has become very simple and achieve the best results. Therefore, it has been favored by many coal mining companies. The slag transportation of coal mines and other companies is an essential process. The transportation capacity of coal mines is uneven, which directly affects the addition of output value and the improvement of economic benefits. Therefore, the transportation of slag by mine cars plays an important role in coal mine production. And the cleaning of the mine car is an essential job.

The coal mine is excavating and transporting the slag. The slag is rich in a lot of water. The tunnel is rich in mud and rock. Therefore, when the coal mine and slag are transported, the bottom of the mine will accumulate a lot of dust and agglomeration. The thickness of the block pile is very thick, reaching more than 30 cm. If it is used every day, it will form the appearance of a lack of loading tonnage. The load is small, and the weight is still so heavy. This makes meaninglessly spread a lot of human resources and electricity. The power resources have greatly reduced transportation power and directly affected the economic benefits.

The high-pressure cleaning equipment can generate a high-pressure water jet and ultra-high-pressure water jet, connect the water inlet pipe, open the high-pressure cleaning equipment, and after the clean water passes through the filter, enter the high-pressure pump, adjust the pressure appropriately through the pressure regulating device, and spray through the nozzle of the spray gun. The high-pressure water jet flushes the mine car, and the high-pressure water jet is directed to the bottom of the vehicle, and the dust is agglomerated at the bottom of the knot so that the substrate is loosened stripped, and washed away.

The principle of cleaning the mine car by the high-pressure cleaner is to use the high-pressure water jet to impact, impact, cut. The water wedge effect of the high-pressure water jet in the gap of the bonded object, and the bonded dust and dirt in the high pressure Under the powerful effect of the water jet, it was cracked and dropped. The end was washed away from the bottom of the vehicle under the impact of water and washed away. In this way, the mine car is cleaned by high-pressure cleaning equipment.


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