The motor housing must be ventilated and protected:

May 27, 2019
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The motor housing must be ventilated and protected:

(1) The motor should be of horizontal (or vertical) structure, and the protection level of the casing should not be lower than IP54. If it is placed outdoors, the motor protection level should be no less than IP55, and you should protect it from rain and dust. The motor should be designed to meet any special torque requirements required for this type of equipment. High-voltage motors require a space heater to prevent internal moisture and condensation when the motor is out of service. The heater is placed inside the motor for easy viewing. You shall install the motor with a temperature measurement system following the relevant regulations.

(2) When ventilation is required to establish a barrier, such barriers shall comply with applicable standards and resist corrosion. The same anti-corrosion treatment should be carried out for the ventilation grille as the painted parts of the motor base and the outer casing. In addition, to inspect and clean the motor windings and air gaps, the grille should be easily removable.

(3) The cooler's design should ensure that the motor can operate normally with 25% of the pipeline blocked.

(4) The motor shall be provided with a discharge port in addition to the explosion-proof motor. In addition, you shall provide explosion-proof motors with safety-approved drain plugs.

(5) The explosion-proof grade and type of explosion-proof motor shall comply with the requirements of the listed standards.


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