What are the common classifications of high-pressure water guns

January 6, 2020

What are the common classifications of high-pressure water guns?

There is much high-pressure water gun with hollow shaft motor brands, types, models, and strong performances in the current market, which more effectively meets the needs of the market industry and promotes the sales of high-pressure water guns. Then the common classification of high-pressure water guns in the market is Which ones? Listen to professional analysis.

First, divide according to body shape and pressure.

The size and pressure of high-pressure water guns can be divided into small high-pressure water guns, medium-sized high-pressure water guns, large-scale high-pressure water guns, and ultra-large-scale high-pressure water guns. These water guns have different applications.

1. The application voltage of a small water gun is 220 volts, which is more suitable for single-phase electricity and domestic water.

2, the medium-sized high-pressure water gun is more industrial use. The voltage is 380 volts.

3. High-pressure water gun voltage of 380 volts for industrial power, 350-500 kg ultra-high voltage applications.

4. Super large-scale high-pressure water gun 380 volts industrial power, more high-pressure applications above 500 kg.
Twenty-two divided according to water temperature.
According to the water temperature, the high-pressure water gun can be divided into cold water high-pressure cleaner and hot water high-pressure cleaner. The user is using cold water pressure washer products.

3. Divided by driving engine
The driving engine can be divided into three types: motor-driven high-pressure cleaner, gasoline engine-driven high-pressure cleaner, and diesel-driven cleaner. The difference is that the motor, gasoline engine, or diesel engine are connected.
In addition to these, high-pressure water guns can be divided into household, commercial, and industrial use according to their uses. These different divisions above provide us with an effective basis for choosing a more suitable high-pressure water gun, which is also helpful to improve our work efficiency and Quality assurance.



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