The pressure washer is the most important equipment in the cleaning industry

January 11, 2020

The pressure washer is the most important piece of equipment in the cleaning industry.

The high-pressure cleaner is the most important piece of equipment in the cleaning industry. It uses a high-pressure pump to increase the pressure of the water and then sprays it under high pressure. The high-pressure water stream hits the surface of the object to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Different types of high-pressure cleaners have different performances and use because of different pressures and water flows. After choosing and matching them, you can fully play the cleaning efficiency and role of high-pressure cleaning equipment. If you have difficulty selecting models, please get in touch with us!

The application of high-pressure cleaners in food processing: people take food as the sky. Food is indispensable in our lives. High-pressure cleaners have a vital role in the process of food processing and cleaning. It can not only remove barrels and mixing tanks. Grease on conveyor belts, evaporators, and heat exchangers can also clean up dirt and residues. The production equipment for food processing is spotless, pollution-free, and has no impact on food processing. It can improve the efficiency of food processing plants, reduce cleaning costs, and ensure environmental protection and health.


What should I do if the high-pressure cleaner is leaking during use? If the high-pressure cleaner is leaking during use, immediately unplug the power supply and stop working, and find the cause as soon as possible; check the power supply and wires, whether the power supply is burned out, or the wires are broken In the event of a failure, if a new power supply and wires are immediately updated, the reason for the leakage may be the influence of the circuit board. It is sufficient to check and repair the circuit board.


High-pressure cleaners divide powders by pressure, and they are classified into ordinary high-pressure cleaners, ultra-high-pressure cleaners, etc. The pressure of common high-pressure cleaners ranges from 100 kg to 3,000 kg or even higher.


The importance of high-pressure cleaners to the cleaning industry is that the main medium is pure water. After the ordinary tap water is pressurized to the pressure set by the machine through a high-pressure water pump, it is then sprayed through a high-pressure nozzle with a small aperture to a high energy level. Concentrated water jet. Due to the huge pressure of this water jet, the instant release on the cleaned dirt can achieve the purpose of removing dirt on the surface of the equipment. The whole process does not have any medium except water, so it will not cause any pollution to the environment. It is well-deserved environmental protection cleaning equipment, so more and more people recognize it.


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