What to do for daily and regular maintenance of high-pressure washer

January 14, 2020
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What to do for daily and regular maintenance of high-pressure washer

The high-pressure cleaner with a hollow shaft motor must be used correctly and well maintained to prolong the service life of the equipment. So what should be done for the daily and regular maintenance of the high-pressure washer? It is not difficult to maintain the washer. Just follow the points below.
I. Daily maintenance

1. After each use of the washing machine, rinse the hoses and filters borrowed with detergent to remove detergent residues to avoid corrosion.

2. Shut off the water supply system connected to the washing machine, release all the pressure in the hose, and remove the rubber and high-pressure hose from the washing machine.

3. Cut off the connecting wire of the spark plug.

4. If it is an electric washing machine, the water in the pump needs to be removed.

5. If it is an engine type, slowly pull the starting rope of the engine 5 times to clear the water in the pump.

Two, regular maintenance

Maintenance is carried out every 2 months. The contents to be done include clearing fuel deposits in the storage tank and protecting the high-pressure cleaner with a protective kit. When the device is not in use, a protective kit is used, which can prevent the back of the hand from being corroded, worn, and frozen.

In short, the maintenance work of the high-pressure washer is vital, and you must not ignore the maintenance of the equipment. Maintaining the equipment keeps it in top condition at all times, allowing the equipment to maximize its performance. Finally, we also remind everyone to choose a cleaning machine from a large manufacturer. The product quality of the large manufacturer is guaranteed, the probability of failure is relatively small, and the after-sales service of the large manufacturer is in place. If there is a problem during the use of the equipment, the manufacturer can be contacted to solve it.


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