What are the applications of hollow shaft motors?

September 6, 2019
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What are the applications of hollow shaft motors?

Hollow shaft motors can be used in a wide range of automated machinery. Such as widespread water treatment equipment, packaging machinery, balers, printing machinery. Hollow shaft motors and common three-phase asynchronous motors have multiple functions.


Perhaps you will ask why many mechanical factories do not use the ordinary three-phase asynchronous motor of the YE series, but instead, ,use the hollow shaft motor?

That is because hollow shaft motors have more advanced technical advantages than ordinary three-phase asynchronous motors. For example, under the premise of small volume, transmission torque is larger, transmission efficiency is higher, noise is lower, installation is more convenient, and maintenance is simple. It is also more durable and has a longer service life.

From the point of view of the current cost performance of geared motors, hollow shaft motors have many advantages. This is known from the principle of the hollow shaft motor structure. The hollow shaft geared motor utilizes a quasi-hyperbolic structure. In the mating transmission of the bevel gears, the axes of the two gears intersect in the same plane.

However, on some special occasions, the axis-interleaved transmission mode is required. The relative movement of the gears with the axes interleaved is a spiral motion, and the spiral axis rotates around the axis of the two gears to form a pair of single-leaf hyperboloids. Because the shape of the hyperboloid is complicated, it is not easy to make, and a segment is approximated as a curved surface by a simple curved surface-conical surface. Therefore, the so-called hypoid gear transmission is also due to the complexity of the hollow double-sided shape of the hollow shaft motor, which determines its good performance and high cost. Therefore, although many users understand its advantages, for the price considerations, it is still reluctant to replace ordinary motors with high-efficiency hollow shaft motors in large quantities.

The high efficiency of the hollow shaft motor will cost the user more, but its added value will be improved. In the long run, this is an advantage over a disadvantage. Therefore, the majority of motor users can consider using it as appropriate.


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