What is a "hollow shaft motor"?

September 6, 2019
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What is a "hollow shaft motor"?

The main technical feature of the hollow shaft motor is that the motor shaft is a hollow metal tube, and an impeller is mounted on the inner wall of the hollow metal tube. The impeller is fixed to the inner wall bearing of the tube shaft by welding and other methods. It is mainly divided into two types: no precision requirement and precision requirement.


The non-precision requirement means that the dimensional accuracy of the hollow shaft or the inner hole of the motor is not high. The inner hole is mainly used for wiring, light transmission, or other media such as air. Therefore, the hollow shaft motor design greatly optimizes the mechanical design, facilitates wiring, and saves design space and production costs.


The hollow shaft motor with precision requirements has high requirements for the accuracy of the hollow shaft or its bore diameter and thread, mainly because such hollow shaft motors are mostly customized to meet the needs of third-party lead screws or The demand for ball screws. Therefore, such a hollow shaft requires higher accuracy for the bore diameter and the thread than the conventional through screw motor.

Hollow shaft motor has a wide range of applications and can be used as water pumps, ventilation equipment, supercharging equipment, small hydroelectric generators, propellers, etc. The advantages are: reduce volume, weight, noise, multi-purpose, reduce cost, manufacture Simple and easy to use.


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