The use of high-pressure water flow cleaners is very important

November 20, 2019
Latest company news about The use of high-pressure water flow cleaners is very important

The use of high-pressure water flow cleaners is .essential

The use of high-pressure water flow cleaners with a hollow shaft electric motor is important! When cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner, the angle is important. If the nozzle is perpendicular to the cleaning surface, this method increases the force acting on the cleaning surface. Still, it is not easy to Wash away from the cleaning object, especially thick heavy oil. Vertical surface cleaning will enhance the adhesion of oil. In fact, the correct cleaning method is to make the high-pressure cleaner closer to the surface to be cleaned so that the sprayed water should be cleaned at a certain angle to the surface to be cleaned.

In practical applications, the safety of ultra-high pressure cleaners is essential, especially high-power ultra-high pressure cleaners, especially pump cylinders. Because the ultra-high pressure cleaner is an ultra-high pressure vessel, the stress dispersion is relatively uniform after the operation is under pressure. As a result, all stresses are kept within the elastic range, the elastic bearing capacity is increased, and the fatigue life of the cylinder is improved. Therefore, the design principle of the ultra-high pressure cleaner is adopted. It is the choice of materials and processes to give the best self-reinforced pressure and the best self-enhancement.


The development trend of high-pressure cleaners:
1, diversification, equipment is subdivided into flat pressure washers, high-pressure pipe dredge machines, wall cleaners, and so on.
2. The pressure and power range are also constantly increasing. There are already 500 kilograms of pressure on the market, and they are constantly improving to meet the requirements of different industries.
3, more and more intelligent, integrated, easier to use.
Application of high-pressure cleaner in highway maintenance:
After long-term use of the road, it will definitely cause damage and need to be repaired. In highway maintenance, the high-pressure cleaner can clean the grease, dirt, tar on the road maintenance equipment, the paint, dirt, tar, stickies, and lanes on the cement bridge and overpass, and he has other actions. It is possible to level the wear and heavy oil on the cement. It turns out that the road surface cleaned by the high-pressure cleaner is clean and hygienic and smooth, and safe. Therefore, in road maintenance, high-pressure cleaners have become ideal equipment.

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