The use of high-pressure environmental cleaning machine is easy to use

November 19, 2019
Latest company news about The use of high-pressure environmental cleaning machine is easy to use

The use of high-pressure environmental cleaning machine is easy to use

The use of a high-pressure, environmentally friendly hollow shaft electric motor cleaning machine is straightforward to use! When cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner, the angle is critical. If the nozzle is perpendicular to the cleaning surface, this method increases the force acting on it, but it is not easy. The object to be washed is washed away, especially the heavy, heavy oil, and the vertical surface cleaning enhances the adhesion of the oil. In fact, the correct cleaning method is to make the high-pressure cleaner closer to the surface to be cleaned so that the sprayed water should be cleaned at a certain angle to the surface to be cleaned.

The impact of high-pressure industrial washing machine nozzles on the work, if the nozzle design is not reasonable, will cause a considerable flow of water in the injection system to overflow into the water tank, which causes a lot of energy waste. If it is assumed that there is no overflow loss, then at the nozzle exit, due to the natural shrinkage of the water jet through the nozzle outlet, the energy loss caused by the high-pressure pump flow cannot completely flow out of the nozzle, we call it the water jet shrinkage loss, we know The main power machine of the high-pressure cleaner is the high-pressure pump, and the main characteristic parameter of the high-pressure pump is the pressure and flow of the high-pressure water. The nozzle is a working mechanism that converts the pressure energy of the high-pressure pump flow into mechanical energy or high-speed kinetic energy against hard fouling and pipe blockage. You should completely spray, therefore, a well-designed high-pressure cleaner, the high-pressure water sent by the high-pressure pump out of the nozzle to form a high-pressure water jet to clean or crush the cleaning target.

Precautions before use of steam high-pressure cleaner: Before use, you must carefully read the product introduction manual; at the same time, confirm the electrical system and sufficient power supply capacity, properly connect the power supply of the machine; confirm the water supply source and connect with the automatic inlet valve of the machine. Ok, and open the water supply valve; confirm that the start switch is closed, connect the spray gun to the machine, and the drain valve at the bottom should be closed.

The application of high-pressure cleaners in food processing: food for the people, food is essential in our life, high-pressure washing machine plays a vital role in the process of food processing and cleaning, it can not only remove the barrel kettle, mixing tank Grease on conveyor belts, evaporators, heat exchangers and also removes dirt and debris present on them. The production equipment for processing food is spotless and non-polluting, has no effect on food processing, can improve the efficiency of food processing plants, reduce cleaning costs, and ensure environmental protection and health.



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