The use of high-pressure environmental cleaning machines is very wide

February 11, 2020

The use of high-pressure environmental cleaning machines is extensive.

With the continuous development of the first industry, the environmental requirements are getting higher and higher, and high-pressure environmental protection cleaning machines are extensive. Therefore, especially in industrial cleaning, it has become the first industrial cleaning equipment and has been widely promoted and used.

Why can high-pressure cleaners clean stubborn stains? Because the high-pressure water jet of the high-pressure cleaner has the combined crushing effect of scouring, wedge splitting, shearing, grinding, etc., and the pressure during washing is very high, like a knife is cutting, so it can The scale will be broken off immediately and washed away, to separate the scale layer and the object. Cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner is much faster than traditional cleaning methods. It has low cleaning costs, good results, no environmental pollution, and high safety, so it is widely used in various industries to clean!

The nozzle of the high-pressure cleaner is a fluid jet generating element, which converts the static pressure of high-pressure water into the dynamic pressure of the water jet and ensures that the jet has good flow characteristics and dynamic performance. Practical experience tells us that the instantaneous power transmitted by a water jet nozzle can reach 105kW. Therefore, the energy transmission effect of the nozzle is a key technical issue of the cleaning process.

How does the high-pressure water gun work? The principle of the high-pressure cleaner is actually straightforward. A high-pressure pump or a booster increases the pressure of the water, and the sucked water reaches the nozzle through the high-pressure pipe. The high-pressure low-velocity water is converted into a high-pressure, high-velocity jet by the high-pressure nozzle. This powerful impact and water flow can strip and remove dirt, to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

Introduction to the application of high-pressure cleaners in highway maintenance: After long-term use of the highway, it will definitely cause damage and need to be repaired. In highway maintenance, the high-pressure cleaner can clean grease, dirt, tar on road maintenance equipment, paint, dirt, tar, glue, and lanes on cement bridges and overpasses. He also has other actions. For example, it can smooth the wear and heavy oil on the cement. Facts have shown that the road surface cleaned by the high-pressure cleaner is neat and hygienic and flat and safe. Therefore, in terms of highway maintenance, high-pressure cleaners have become rare ideal equipment.
To ensure the safety of a high-power ultra-high pressure washer, when operating the equipment, carefully read the manufacturer's operating instructions of the ultra-high pressure washer. Each model of an ultra-high pressure washer is different. According to your model's instructions of an ultra-high pressure washer, it will help to operate safely and effectively.



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