Heart of pressure washer

February 10, 2020

Heart of pressure washer

The main components of high-pressure cleaners are high-pressure pumps. High-pressure pumps are in an irreplaceable position. High-pressure cleaner piston pumps are the most common because they are more efficient and have a longer life. Through a fixed seal, while the seal of the plunger pump is installed on the plunger, through a smooth cylinder wall, the plunger pump usually has better initial use characteristics but cannot run at too high pressure and has a short life.


The high-pressure washer pump's capacity depends on the pump's speed, and the same amount of water must be brought in and out, unlike the centrifugal pump, which can increase or decrease the flow. The piston pump has a very stable water flow parameter. No matter how high the pressure is, the flow rate is constant, and the blockage of the nozzle water outlet will cause a high-pressure pump to bear excessive pressure. Therefore, devices such as pressure relief valves are installed in the system.


When the piston moves backward, water is sucked into the sealed cavity through the water inlet valve, and when the piston moves forward, it forces the water to flow to the pump outlet through the water outlet valve. Most piston pumps are double or triple. Double piston pumps place higher demands on system components and operators. Triplex pumps are the most versatile form of high-pressure cleaners because they can produce smoother water flow. High-speed pumps can produce less pressure loss and require less starting torque. However, it can cause faster wear and tear, less inhalation volume, and sometimes noise and possibly damaged.


90% of the failures of high-pressure cleaners are usually not caused by the pump. The most common failure is caused by the wear of components or parts (such as nozzle seals, etc.). Appropriate not to get enough water into the pump to cause cavitation. Cavitation causes a small gas explosion mixed in the water to cause overpressure damage, causing wear on the piston surface.



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