Precautions for selecting the outlet pipe of high-pressure industrial washing machine

February 11, 2020

Precautions for selecting the outlet pipe of a high-pressure industrial washing machine

Precautions for selecting the outlet pipe of a high-pressure industrial cleaning machine: When I choose the high-pressure outlet pipe, I must determine it according to the technical parameters of the high-pressure cleaner. Operation methods that exceed the actual pressure of the high-pressure outlet pipe, otherwise it will affect the normal life of the high-pressure outlet pipe. In addition, a high-pressure outlet pipe that can withstand higher pressure can be appropriately selected so that that life will be longer.

Fuel-type high-pressure cleaners provide convenience for cleaning. A lot of cleaning work needs to be performed outdoors. Unfortunately, most of the outdoors are not fixed places and cannot provide power. At this time, if you use fuel-type high-pressure cleaners, you will no longer worry about power problems. You can easily move the job at any time, and you can do whatever you want!

Precautions for the use of high-pressure environmental protection clearing machine: Before using, you must carefully read the product introduction manual; at the same time, you must confirm the electricity system and sufficient power supply capacity, and properly connect the power source of the machine; confirm the water supply source and automatically communicate with the machine. The water inlet valve is connected, and the water supply valve is opened; make sure that the start switch is closed, connect the spray gun to the machine, and the drain valve at the bottom of the machine should be closed.

如何 How to clean up the places with heavy oil stains? Hotel flue cleaning, exhaust hoods, and stoves are much oily and stick to the equipment. Such cleaning is better if you choose a high-temperature and high-pressure cleaner. Because the current high-temperature and high-pressure cleaning machine have a working pressure of 200 bar and a flow rate of 900 liters per hour, the outlet temperature is about 180 degrees, and the speed of melting oil is breakneck. Therefore, in places where the drainage is convenient, and the environmental requirements are not too high, the high temperature and pressure washer is still a good choice.

What are the methods to improve the cleaning efficiency of high-pressure cleaners? When purchasing ultra-high pressure cleaners for cleaning operations, of course, to obtain the desired cleaning effect, there are many ways to improve the cleaning effect, including the full use of pressure and flow and the speed of pressure energy. High-efficiency conversion, optimal design of the nozzle, and maximum impact on the target. If these are done well, the high-pressure cleaner can have higher cleaning efficiency.


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