How to choose four pressure washers can not be ignored

January 10, 2020

How to choose four pressure washers can not be ignored.

The high-pressure washer with a hollow shaft motor is currently the most popular and common type of cleaning equipment. It is popular because of its high efficiency and easy operation. Because of this popularity, it also has a large variety of brands. Therefore, how to choose the right high-pressure washing machine for you has become a problem that you must face. Let's take a look at Xiaobian!

First, look at the brand

的 The popularity of high-pressure cleaners makes many companies want to take a piece of it and gain benefits. Therefore, its brands are diverse, including domestic and imported. Which brand of high-pressure cleaner is good? Generally speaking, imported equipment is more expensive, and some prices may double compared to domestic ones, so you must consider its cost-effectiveness when choosing.
Second, look at the needs of the applicable occasion.


Different occasions have different requirements for the water used for cleaning. Some occasions require hot water, and some occasions require cold water. Depending on the required water temperature, the type and type of high-pressure cleaner selected are different. Some washing machines have heating devices that are suitable for hot water applications, and some do not.

III.Using frequency and usage

In general, the frequency of household high-pressure cleaners is relatively low, while the frequency of professional occasions is relatively high. Therefore, a model with low power, small size, and short service life can be used when used at home, which is also cheaper. For professional occasions, you need to choose more professional equipment. Of course, the price will be much higher than that of a home.

4. A select nozzle according to need

The cleaning effect that different nozzles can achieve is also different. Generally speaking, the spray head is divided into two types: circular and fan-shaped.

In short, in the specific case, choosing the most appropriate high-pressure cleaner according to the different needs, the brand, the nozzle, the amount of use and the temperature, etc.


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