Submersible pump use

April 22, 2019
Submersible pump use

1. Try to avoid starting at low voltage. The power supply voltage and the rated voltage are not different by 10%. The motor will overheat if the voltage is too high, and the winding will be burned out. If the voltage is too low, the motor speed will drop. If the rated speed is less than 70%, the centrifugal switch will be closed, causing the starting winding. Powering up for a long time generates heat and even burns the windings and capacitors. The rotor pump does not switch the motor frequently. This is because the electric pump will generate recirculation when it stops. If it is turned on immediately, the motor load will start, causing the starting current to be too large and the winding to be burnt out.
2. Do not let the pump run for a long time without overloading. For example, do not pump water with a large amount of sand. The dehydration operation time of the electric pump should not be too long so as not to overheat the motor and burn it. During the unit's operation, the operator must observe whether the working voltage and current are within the values specified on the nameplate. If it does not meet the requirements, the motor should be stopped, find out the cause and eliminate the fault.
3, usually check the motor, if the bottom cover is cracked, the rubber seal ring is damaged or invalid, etc., should be replaced or repaired in time to prevent water from seeping into the machine.
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