Basic knowledge about the motor(2)

April 24, 2019
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5. In a DC motor, the components of a single-stack winding are connected in series by one on top of the other. The commutator segments combine all the ingredients to form a single closed loop, whether single-wave or single-stack winding.

6. Asynchronous motors are also called induction motors because the rotor current of asynchronous motors is generated by electromagnetic induction.

7. When the asynchronous motor is stepped down, the starting torque is reduced, and the starting torque is reduced in proportion to the square of the starting current of the winding.

8. When the amplitude and frequency of the primary side voltage are constant, the saturation degree of the transformer's core is consistent, and the excitation reactance is also basically unchanged.

9. The short-circuit characteristic of the synchronous generator is a straight line. When the three-phase symmetrical short circuit occurs, the magnetic circuit is unsaturated; when the three-phase balanced steady-state short course, the short circuit is a purely demagnetized direct-axis component.


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