Speed ​​control method

August 8, 2019

Speed ​​control method


The geared motor is a fixed-speed geared motor. The motor is selected once the speed ratio is selected and the final output speed is fixed. However, in actual use, there are many occasions where the speed is required to change, such as the spindle speed of the lathe, the stirring shaft speed of various mixers, the conveyor speed when conveying different items, etc. Therefore, how to adjust the speed is very concerned by engineers and technicians—the topic of. The following is a brief description of the various speed control methods currently applied in the project.


1. The step-by-step speed regulation is the simplest and most economical speed control method. However, it is limited to small and medium capacity (below 2kw) and occasions with few starts. Usually, there are only two speeds, the speed ratio can be achieved (l: 2-6), and the limit is three. In some specific industries, such as lathes, it is often carried out with gearboxes with gears. There is step speed regulation. Although there is a child's speed, the speed range is not large.


2. Stepless speed regulation can be divided into mechanical and electrical. The common method of the former is to insert a mechanical step-less speed regulating device (mainly a belt disc type and a friction disc type) at the junction of the motor and the gearbox. The utility model has the advantages that the speed regulation is stable, and the structure is not complicated, and it is suitable for a harsh environment; the disadvantage is that the speed adjustment range is small (generally within 1:10), the basin belt and the friction plate are consumable parts, and need regular maintenance and replacement. The latter is the cascade speed regulation of the asynchronous motor, the rotor resistance speed regulation, or the voltage regulation of the DC motor.


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