Household booster pump installation precautions

August 7, 2019

Household booster pump installation precautions:


1. When installing the household booster pump, be sure to install it horizontally or vertically in the “Installation Mode” display. The direction of the water flow should be the same as the direction of the arrow on the pump body and install it as far as possible from the lowest position of the water level.


2. For ease of use and maintenance, you should install a valve on the inlet pipe of the domestic booster pump.


3. When the suctioned liquid level is lower than the upper-end surface of the impeller of the domestic booster pump or the shaft of the pump, you should install the household booster pump with a check valve, and the outlet end is connected with a three-way for water diversion when used for the first time. Next, the should fill the pump with water, and the screw plug tightened.


4, the pipeline connection should be tight, especially since the water inlet pipeline can not leak. Otherwise, it will reduce the pump's lift or pumping water.


5. Do not rotate for a long time before the water in the booster pump chamber is filled so as not to damage the seals.


6. The motor coil is equipped with a safety protector. When the pump fails or is not pumped, the motor can automatically disconnect when the temperature rises above the specified value. After the temperature rise of the motor is removed, the motor can automatically resume operation.


7. The pump motor is capacitor-operated. The direction of rotation of the pump has been adjusted when it leaves the factory. If you need to replace the capacitor or re-wire, please press the arrow on the pump body to mark the wiring.


8. To ensure safe use, please use a three-core safety socket with a grounding wire.


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