Shaanxi Top Ten

August 16, 2019

Shaanxi Top Ten

“Top Ten Monsters in Shaanxi,” also known as “Top Ten Monsters in Guanzhong,” refers to the ten strange folk customs that have appeared in the Guanzhong area (Xi'an, Xianyang, Baoji, Weinan, Tongchuan, etc.) in central Shaanxi. It is worth mentioning that the formulation of “Top Ten Monsters in Shaanxi” is not entirely reasonable. In fact, the customs of “Top Ten Monsters in Shaanxi” only appear in the Guanzhong area, which is not the case in most parts of Shaanxi. The geographical latitude span of Shaanxi Province is huge. From north to south, there are three major natural differences between northern Shaanxi (mainly on the Loess Plateau), Guanzhong (mainly in the Weihe Plain), and southern Shaanxi (based on the Hanshui River basin south of the Qinling Mountains). Region. In the whole customs of Guanzhong, the whole country of Shaanxi has a conceptual defect with a point profile, and it is also expressed as “the top ten monsters in Guanzhong” to remove ambiguity.

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