Structural features of centrifugal pumps

August 13, 2019

Structural features of centrifugal pumps

The structural characteristics of the centrifugal pump are: in a volute-shaped pump casing, an impeller that can rotate rapidly is installed in the blade.

There are 2 to 8 blades on the wheel. There are two interfaces on the pump casing, and the inlet to the center of the impeller is connected to the suction pipe;

The tangential line of the shell is the outlet and is connected to the discharge line, as shown in Figure 1-12.

The main working part of the centrifugal pump is the impeller. Followed by the suction chamber, pump body (pump), pump cover, the shaft seal device

And packing gland or mechanical seal), axial force balance device, bearing, coupling, bracket, extrusion chamber, etc. When the impeller

At this time, the liquid can continuously suck from the suction port, discharge from the discharge port, and cause the liquid to generate pressure and discharge it to a high place.



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