rotating electric motors characteristics

July 20, 2019

Compared with rotating electric motors, linear motors have the following characteristics: First, the structure is simple because the linear motor does not need to add rotary motion into an additional device for linear motion so that the structure of the system itself is greatly simplified, and the weight and volume are greatly The ground is lowered; the second is the high positioning accuracy. In places where linear motion is required, the linear motor can realize direct transmission so that various positioning errors caused by the intermediate links can be eliminated, so the positioning accuracy is high, such as using microcomputer control, Greatly improve the positioning accuracy of the whole system; third, the reaction speed is fast, the sensitivity is high, and the followability is good. The linear motor is easy to support the magnetic levitation of the mover so that a certain air gap is maintained between the mover and the stator without contact, which eliminates the contact frictional resistance between the stator and the mover, thereby greatly improving the system. Sensitivity, rapidity, and follow-up; Fourth, safe and reliable work and long life. The linear motor can realize the contactless transmission force, and the mechanical friction loss is almost zero, so the fault is small and maintenance-free, the work is safe and reliable, and the service life is long.


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