Power calibration of diesel generator sets

September 17, 2019

Power calibration of diesel generator sets

The diesel generator set is a combination of a diesel engine and a synchronous alternator. The high power allowed by diesel engines is limited by the mechanical and thermal loads of the parts. Therefore, it is necessary to specify that the high power that allows continuous operation is called calibration power;

Diesel engines should not exceed the rated power. Otherwise , they will shorten their service life and may even cause accidents.

(1) The calibration power of the diesel engine; the national standard stipulates that the calibration power on the diesel engine nameplate is divided into the following four categories;

1) 15min power: that is, the diesel engine is allowed to run for 15min. It may be overloaded quickly and requires calibration power with accelerated performance, such as the rated power of diesel engines such as automobiles and motorcycles.

2) 1h power: that is, the diesel engine is allowed to continue to operate for 1h of effective power—the calibration power of diesel engines such as wheeled tractors, locomotives, and ships.

3) 12h power: that is, the effective power of the diesel engine that allows continuous operation for 12h, which is the rated power we often say. Such as power station units, engineering machinery with diesel engine calibration power.

4) Continuous power: the power that the diesel engine allows for long-term continuous operation.


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