Alternator voltage regulators are classified according to working principle

September 10, 2019
Latest company news about Alternator voltage regulators are classified according to working principle

The alternator voltage regulator can be divided into: according to the working principle:

(1) Contact voltage regulator
Contact type voltage regulator is applied earlier. This regulator contact vibration frequency is slow. There is mechanical inertia and electromagnetic inertia. Voltage regulation accuracy is low. Contacts are easy to generate sparks, large radio interference, poor reliability, short life, now has been eliminated.

(2) Transistor regulator
With the development of semiconductor technology, transistor regulators have been adopted. The utility model has the advantages that the triode has high switching frequency, does not generate sparks, has high adjustment precision, and has the advantages of light-weight, small volume, long life, high reliability, small electric wave interference, etc., and is widely used in Dongfeng, liberation and various kinds. Middle and low-end models.

(3) Integrated circuit regulator
In addition to the advantages of the transistor regulator, the integrated circuit regulator has an ultra-small size and is installed inside the generator (also known as a built-in regulator), which reduces the external wiring and improves the cooling effect. It is now widely used in Santana. Audi and other car models.

(4) Computer Control Regulator
After the total load of the system is measured by the electric load detector, a signal is sent to the generator computer. Then the generator voltage regulator is controlled by the engine computer. The magnetic field circuit is turned on and off on time, thereby reliably ensuring the normal operation of the electrical system. In addition, the battery is fully charged, which can reduce engine load and improve fuel economy. Such regulators are used on car generators such as Haibeike and Guangzhou Honda.



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