Pool self-priming pump - how to solve the pool pump blockage

July 2, 2019
Latest company news about Pool self-priming pump - how to solve the pool pump blockage

Pool self-priming pump - how to solve the pool pump blockage


The anti-clogging performance of swimming pool pumps is getting more and more attention. There are two main reasons: First, the increase in swimming pool water treatment costs. Industrial companies strive to reduce the amount of water consumed per unit of production, which makes the content of solid materials and fibers in sewage higher and higher. Second, sewage pumps are increasingly using energy-saving means, which is the driving method of speed regulation. Still, the speed regulation does not guarantee that the pool pump will be blocked.

Because the impurities frequently block the pump impeller, the swimming pool equipment should be cleaned at the beginning of each operation and cleared. Although this avoids the shutdown, the pump body is often disassembled, causing the wear of the pump port ring and the like to be intensified, and it takes a lot of workforces to clear each time. To change this situation, a carbon steel anti-smudge tank was installed at the pump's inlet pipe, and it was inclined at 45 degrees. A filter is used inside the tank to filter impurities again to avoid clogging. The team will clean up the pollution 1 to 3 times a month. There are two types of swimming pool water pump rotor blades: swirling blades and cutting blades. These two types of blades are the most widely used. The swirling impeller does not move in the medium being conveyed, directing the medium to be pumped into the pump chamber according to fluid dynamics principles, and the pumped medium flows past the impeller. Thus, the long fibers or solid matter in the liquid medium being pumped are also pumped together. The cutting blade can shred large blocky solid material so that it is no longer clogged.

In addition to clogging, prevention is also important. Daily maintenance measures for swimming pool pumps: Always check and regularly clean the sump basket. Do not hit the smudge basket when cleaning. If the sump basket is damaged, it should be replaced in time; regularly check the pump head cover seal. If there is damage, please replace it in time; keep the motor clean and keep the air outlet of the motor unobstructed; in case of an accident, the shaft seal of the motor will wear out and should be replaced in time; in winter, you should remove the water in the pump head, and you should clean the inside and outside of the pump. Store the pump in a dry and well-ventilated room. A high anti-blocking performance swimming pool pump can make swimming pool water treatment better and reduce workforce consumption.



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