Pay attention to those processes when using high-pressure steam cleaners

November 28, 2019

Pay attention to those processes when using high-pressure steam cleaners.

Pay attention to those processes when using high-pressure steam cleaners. Steam high-pressure cleaners are different from ordinary high-pressure cleaners, so when the machine is shut down, turn off the work switch first, open the spray gun mouth to discharge the remaining steam, and open the drain valve at the bottom of the machine to empty the water tank after the work is completed that day If it is freezing weather, press the strong drain button on the back of the machine for a few seconds to drain the accumulated water in the pipeline, then cut off the power, arrange the water pipe, and place the machine to ensure the next use.

常见 Common faults and solutions of high-pressure cleaners! 1. After the power is turned on. The indicator light does not turn on. This may be caused by a broken power cord or a blown fuse caused by no power supply. Check and replace it. 2. The indicator light is on, but there is no high-voltage output. Many factors cause this failure. They are: the fuse DCFU is blown; the transducer is faulty; the connection plug of the transducer and the high-voltage power board is loose; the ultrasonic power generator malfunction. 3. Although the machine has a high voltage output, the cleaning effect is not very good. The cause of this phenomenon is likely to be caused by the temperature of the liquid in the cleaning tank being too high, the cleaning liquid selection being inappropriate, the high-pressure frequency coordination not being adjusted, and the cleaning liquid level in the cleaning tank being inappropriate.

What are the methods to improve the cleaning efficiency of high-pressure cleaners? The purchase of ultra-high pressure cleaners for cleaning operations, of course, to obtain the desired cleaning effect, there are many ways to improve the cleaning effect, including the full use of pressure and flow, pressure energy speed, High-efficiency conversion, optimized design of the nozzle, and maximum impact on the target, etc. If these are done well, the high-pressure cleaner can have higher cleaning efficiency.

High-pressure cleaners are classified according to the driving engine. There are three main types of high-pressure cleaners driven by motors, high-pressure cleaners driven by gasoline engines and diesel-driven cleaners. These three types of cleaning machines are equipped with high-pressure pumps. The difference is that they are driven by different high-pressure pumps, motors, gasoline engines, or diesel engines. The advantage of gasoline-driven and diesel-driven cleaning machines is that these two-driven high-pressure cleaning machines do not require power and are suitable for field operations.


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