Is there any other use for high-pressure factory cleaning machines?

November 29, 2019

Is there any other use for high-pressure factory cleaning machines?

Is there any other use of the high-pressure factory cleaning machine besides cleaning? The high-pressure cleaning machine is one of the most commonly used cleaning equipment in modern times. It uses the strong impact of high-pressure water to clean the surface of objects. With the improvement of the performance of the high-pressure washer, the pressure is getting larger and larger. There is a 500 kg high-pressure washer. The impact energy of the water flow generated by the pressure of 500 kg has been greatly improved. Such high-pressure, high-pressure cleaning equipment is not limited to cleaning. We can use it to cut metal. For example, in the automotive industry, compared with a traditional laser beam, plasma, electron beam,, and other thermal cutting processes, the advantages of high-pressure cleaners are quite obvious.
Most of the current ultra-high pressure cleaners on the market are driven by diesel engines to ensure suitability for different places. Relatively speaking, the intelligent control technology of such units is quite high. A series of data such as motors, high-pressure pumps, water tanks, vacuum systems, air sources, and front pumps are completely displayed on the instrument box. At the same time, you can use the touch screen to control the units dynamically. Operation.

Classification of high-pressure cleaning equipment for cleaning and protective measures during operation? Because the equipment has high-pressure water, it is also a certain degree of danger. To reduce accidents, it is recommended that operators use the following protective work when using high-pressure cleaning machines. 1. To prevent head injuries, wear helmets, face shields, goggles, and goggles with edges to ensure the safety of the operator's head while wearing foam earplugs or earmuffs to protect hearing. 2. Wear protective clothing as required to protect the body‘s torso. 3. At the same time, wear waterproof shoes on both feet and add a metal protective sheet for protection. 4. Bring good protective gloves, such as rubber gloves, metal mesh reinforced gloves and plastic-coated gloves, etc., which can be selected according to different environments to protect hands. 5. If there is toxic gas in the environment, you must bring a breathing protector device to ensure safety.

The high-pressure cleaner is easy to use, has no environmental pollution, and is low cost. Therefore, it has been gradually applied in various industries in China. Through the development in recent years, it has made great progress and gradually applied to many enterprises. Initially formed.


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