Operate high-power ultra-high pressure cleaners to pay attention to safety

November 6, 2019

Operate high-power ultra-high pressure cleaners to pay attention to safety

To operate the high-power ultra-high pressure cleaner, pay attention to safety. Carefully read the instructions of the manufacturer of the ultra-high pressure cleaner. Each Ultra High-Pressure Washer model is different and will help you operate safely and efficiently, as indicated by your Ultra High-Pressure Washer model.

The scope of application of the high-pressure washing machine can produce good economic and social benefits compared with the traditional cleaning method. China's cleaning market is huge, but high-pressure water jet cleaning accounts for a small proportion, so high-pressure cleaners have broad market prospects. At the same time, China should increase research and development efforts to narrow the gap with its foreign counterparts to expand its market share.

Why is it difficult for domestic ultra-high pressure cleaners to achieve automatic production? First, because the supercharger plunger has a relatively low moving speed, it is generally only 0.2m/s. In addition, the requirements for seals are not high, so the requirements for inlet water pressure are low. As a result, the water can be cut off without a water tank, avoiding water overflowing during use. In addition, each group of superchargers is independent, so when a group of superchargers in a high-pressure cleaner fails, the other superchargers automatically speed up the movement and provide greater flow. The only downside is that the supercharger has a small flow rate and must be equipped with a hydraulic system, making it difficult to automate production and assembly.

Due to the huge impact capability of the ultra-high pressure cleaner, the water flow can be instantaneously released on the soil to be cleaned. The dirt's surface is formed by the bismuth peeling, the shear composite failure,, and the jet impact so that the pressure difference between the dirt and the substrate is generated. Thus, to achieve the purpose of removing dirt on the surface of the equipment.


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