What should I do if the high-pressure cleaner is leaking during use?

November 6, 2019

What should I do if the high-pressure cleaner is leaking during use?

What should I do if the high-pressure cleaner is leaking during use? If the high-pressure cleaner leaks during use, immediately unplug the power supply and stop working, and find the cause as soon as possible; check the power supply and wires, whether the power supply is burnt out or the wires are broken. In this case, if there is a new power supply and wiring updated immediately, the reason for the leakage may be the influence factor of the circuit board. It is sufficient to check and repair the circuit board.

What are the uses of high-pressure cleaners? It can clean the floor, glass, wall surface, rust, paint removal, and descaling steel parts. At the same time, 500 kg high-pressure cleaner can be used because of the great pressure. The cleaning and cleaning operations of various items of castings except for burrs, the high pressure cleaning machine is mainly water flow and pressure, mainly this unique advantage, truly green cleaning, no pollution, no corrosion, high cleaning,, and descaling efficiency, so the majority of users Like to accept.

When the pressure washer encounters the following conditions, it needs an emergency stop: 1. There is vibration or abnormal sound; 2. Excessive pressure exceeds the equipment; 3. The pressure gauge and liquid level indicator are not normal; 4. The water leakage is serious. Can not block when; 5, the operation failure does not work. If you encounter these conditions, you can't solve them. Don't worry. Press the “emergency stop” button quickly, unplug the power supply, and check it slowly. If you can't solve it, get in touch with the Claisen high-pressure cleaner manufacturer.

Precautions when using steam high-pressure cleaner: The steam pressure washer should be connected to ensure the proper water level. When the water is added, the water shortage light is on and accompanied by a beep to warn that the water is full. At this time, you should stop the water, and the water is overfilled. In addition, there will be water out warnings at the bottom overflow pipe of the timing. In short, keep the right water level. If it is seen that the water indicator of the high-pressure steam cleaner is not bright, turn on the start switch, the heating indicator lights up, and enter the warming upstage of the heat engine. After about 60 seconds, the water pump indicator light is on, and the water pump starts to supply water and steam.

The working principle of the high-pressure cleaner: The principle of the high-pressure cleaner is actually straightforward, that is, the high-pressure pump or the supercharger increases the water pressure, and then the water is sucked, the sucked water reaches the nozzle through the high-pressure pipeline, and the high-pressure low-flow water is passed through the high-pressure nozzle. It is transformed into a jet of high pressure and a high flow rate; this powerful impact force and water flow can peel off and remove the dirt to achieve the purpose of cleaning.
How to extend the life of the high-pressure outlet pipe? When using the high-pressure cleaner, we must strictly use, maintain and maintain the high-pressure outlet pipe according to the relevant rules. Try not to bend and knot. When the high-pressure cleaner is running, please do not twist the high-pressure outlet pipe and press it. If it is necessary to bend due to the site's needs, then the bending radius should be as large as possible. After use, please put the high-pressure water management in a good position.



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