How to effectively improve the efficiency of chemical pump operation?

May 16, 2019
Latest company news about How to effectively improve the efficiency of chemical pump operation?

How to effectively improve the efficiency of chemical pump operation?

Work efficiency allows us to produce more results simultaneously, so the working efficiency of mechanical products is significant, then. For example, how can we improve the operating efficiency of chemical pumps by reducing the volume loss?

(1) Reduce the leakage loss in the pump, improve the machining accuracy and assembly quality of the parts, reduce the radial clearance of the front disc of the balance disc and the radial clearance of the front and rear seal rings and the vane seal ring, and reduce the liquid in the pump. Leakage from the high-pressure side to the low-pressure side causes pressure loss. For the impeller seal ring, the guide vane sleeve, the balance plate front throttle, and other components,  You should select the material with higher hardness and perform the heat treatment to improve the wear resistance.

(2) When starting the feed pump in an unconscious state, you should fully warm the pump according to the requirements of the regulations. If the warmth pump is not sufficient, the pump body will quickly generate a sizeable thermal temperature difference, which will cause the bow to deform. In addition, at this time, the pump is easy to make the internal seal gap. Thus, grinding can result in internal leakage and increased backflow volume loss.

(3) Carefully monitor the pump's axial turbulence and the discharge pressure change after the balance disc during operation. During the normal process, the pressure after the balance disc is larger than the pump's inlet pressure and should be repaired in time to reduce leakage. Loss and increase the volumetric efficiency of the pump.

(4) When adjusting the load, it should be stable, avoid the significant fluctuation of the water supply pressure, maintain the continuous and regular operation of the feedwater pump, and reduce the axial movement of the pump to avoid the wear of the seal gap.


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