How to install and disassemble aluminum alloy motor casing

June 14, 2019
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How to install and disassemble aluminum alloy motor casing

When disassembling and installing the rotor of the aluminum alloy motor casing, you should take care not to damage the core and stator windings. Before the extraction of the rotor, the air gap and the winding ends should be padded with cardboard to avoid damage to the core and windings when the rotor is pulled out.


Disassembly of the small aluminum alloy motor casing variable speed motor rotor. For a rotor of less than 30Kg, it can be directly extracted by hand. Each end of the rotor is gripped by one hand, the rotor is pulled out by one hand, and the rotor core is gradually moved outward by the other hand—disassembly of the rotor of a large aluminum shell variable speed motor. For larger aluminum-shell variable speed motors, lift them out with lifting equipment if the ends of the rotor are extended enough to extend the base.


However, when lifting, you should take care to protect the journal, stator windings, and rotor core air ducts. For a motor with a rotor shaft extending out of the housing part, you can lengthen a steel pipe at one or both ends of the rotor shaft, a steel pipe is placed on the left side of the rotor of the aluminum-shell variable speed motor, and then the rotor is lifted in two steps.


The lifting equipment can be used as a crane, such as a manual hoist. The method of installing the rotor is the reverse of the method of disassembling the rotor. Still, you must also take care to protect the various parts of the aluminum variable speed motor.


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