How to choose the right motor?

June 14, 2019
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How to choose the right motor?

(1) The mechanical characteristics, starting, braking, speed regulation, and other control performance of the motor should meet the requirements of mechanical characteristics and production process, and the impact on the power supply quality during motor operation (such as voltage fluctuation, X-wave interference, etc.), should be within the allowable range;

(2) according to the predetermined working system, cooling method, the motor power determined by the situation in Kiev, the temperature rise of the motor should be within a limited range;

(3) According to the environmental conditions, operating conditions, installation methods, transmission methods, select the structure, installation, and protection of the motor to ensure reliable operation of the motor;

(4) Considering the cost of one investment operation, the price of the motor must be economical, energy-saving, reasonable, reliable, and safe.
Consider power, speed, voltage (three-phase or single-phase)—installation options: shaft diameter, flange, bottom angle. The insulation level and degree of protection are considered according to the application.



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