How to extend the life of the outlet of the high-pressure cleaner

November 23, 2019
Latest company news about How to extend the life of the outlet of the high-pressure cleaner

How to extend the life of the outlet of the high-pressure cleaner

How to extend the life of the high-pressure cleaner outlet pipe? When using the high-pressure cleaner with a hollow shaft motor, we must strictly use, maintain and maintain the high-pressure outlet pipe according to the relevant rules. Try not to bend and knot. When the high-pressure cleaner is running, please do not twist the high-pressure outlet pipe and press it. If it is necessary to bend due to the site's needs, then the bending radius should be as large as possible. After use, please put the high-pressure water management in a good position.

Introduction to high-pressure pipe dredging machine: It pressurizes ordinary tap water to hundreds or even thousands of atmospheric pressure by the high-pressure pump so that it can remove scale, metal oxide, and other attachments on the pipe wall. It is generally powered by diesel or gasoline. It has no requirements on the site. It can work as long as it has water. It can clean cylinder pipes, PVC pipes, PE composite pipes, cement pipes, cast iron pipes, and other materials. It is mainly used for residential sewage pipes. Blockages for slag discharge pipes, rainwater pipes, gas pipes, flue pipes, oil pipelines, and two-phase flow transmission pipes; after special treatment, you can also clean the scales of heating systems and air-conditioning equipment in Central Asia, and you can clean large buildings and buildings at ordinary times. And the attachment of the inner and outer surfaces can be described as a multi-purpose machine!

The daily maintenance work of the high-pressure water gun has any mechanical equipment. If you want to use it for a long time, the maintenance can not be ignored. The high-pressure cleaning machine is no exception. The daily maintenance work mainly includes 1. Check whether the inlet and outlet pipes are folded or damaged before work. 2. Check the smooth oil level on the crankcase and replace it once every three months. 3, the water inlet filter should always check for blockage. Clean the filter once a week. 4. Wash and wash the high-pressure oil pump for three months.

When the steam high-pressure cleaner is shut down, you should note that the steam high-pressure cleaner is different from the general high-pressure cleaner. Therefore, when the machine is shut down, the working switch is closed first, and the remaining steam is discharged from the gun mouth. When the work is finished, the drain valve at the bottom of the machine is opened to empty the water tank. In freezing weather, press the strong button on the back of the machine for a few seconds to drain the water in the pipeline, then cut off the power supply, arrange the water pipes, and put the machine to ensure the next use.


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