High-pressure cleaner has broad market prospects

November 25, 2019
Latest company news about High-pressure cleaner has broad market prospects

The high-pressure cleaner has broad market prospects.

The high-pressure water jet technology of the high-pressure cleaner with a hollow shaft motor has many advantages and a wide range of application fields. It can produce good economic and social benefits compared with the conventional cleaning method. China's cleaning market is huge, but high-pressure water jet cleaning accounts for a small proportion, so high-pressure cleaners have broad market prospects. At the same time, China should increase research and development efforts to narrow the gap with its foreign counterparts to expand its market share.
In the cutting of high-pressure cleaners, when the water jet of the high-pressure cleaner is large enough, like a sharp knife, you can cut even the metal, so more and more high-pressure cleaners are machined—the industry's water jet cutting. After a lot of practice, even pure water will detonate some sensitive chemicals when the water pressure exceeds a certain threshold. The sand water cuts because the sand contains abrasive sand, the impact of sand, and the collision of objects, of course. A large amount of energy generated can easily cause the instability of special chemicals. After a lot of practice tests, the threshold value measured after Zui is about 2376 bar. Therefore, in the high-pressure water jet cutting industry, we must study the parameters in detail for high-pressure water jet cutting above 2000 bar. The main application area is in the machining industry. When we cut with ordinary water jets, the typical pressure is typically within 500 bar, well below the safety threshold. Therefore, as long as the correct operation is not a safety accident.

What are the methods for testing the cleaning effect of high-pressure cleaners? 1. Random sampling method. If there are many items to be cleaned, we can't test them one by one. Instead, they can be randomly sampled and then tested. This method requires a certain number of samples to achieve near-real effects. 2. Find the most polluted parts for measurement. If the most polluted parts have reached the required level of cleanliness, the cleaning effect of other parts with less serious pollution can generally meet cleanliness requirements. 3. Select the most influential dirt for measurement. It is suitable for degreasing cleaning of mechanical parts. The focus is on oily dirt without specific detection of other dirt. At the same time, it can also check the cleanliness of cleaning objects.

The case of using a high-pressure cleaner in the cement production process! During the cement production process, there will be many places where high-pressure plunger pump arches, blockages, and skinning will occur. This will cause trouble in production and need to be cleaned up in time, but the traditional way to clean them is to stop the operation of the downstream equipment. Then the cleaners can get rid of the waste inside the equipment, and it is tough to clean up, so the work efficiency is very Low, affecting production. The use of high-pressure cleaning equipment to clean the machine can effectively solve this problem, in fact, the high-pressure water flow of the high-pressure cleaning machine is injected into the kiln tail of the fired cement, the crust of the kiln wall, and you can use the powerful pressure water for the kiln. The scaling of the inner and outer walls is washed, broken, delaminated, diced, washed away, etc., to achieve the purpose of cleaning. In addition, the temperature in the general kiln is about 1200 degrees, and the water flow from high-pressure and high speed is at the same time as the impact accumulation. At the high temperature, the expansion is soft and instantaneously evaporated, and the high pressure of the high-pressure plunger pump is combined to complete the pressure. Therefore, cleaning of scales, build-ups, and dust can shorten cleaning time and improve cleaning efficiency. Therefore, high-pressure cleaners in the cement production process are incomparable in other ways, and it is a wise choice!

Why use a high-pressure pipe dredging machine to clean the pipe? First, analyze why the pipe is clogged, vegetable oil, animal fat, feces, hair, rags, decoration residue, microbial reproduction, and other viscous logistics into the pipeline, easy to stick The scale formed on the pipe wall is not easy to fall off, accumulates over time. The pipe is not well flowed or blocked. The traditional method of solving the blockage problem is only to clear the way, and these methods can only solve the circulation of the sewage at a time but do not remove the stubborn scales on the pipe wall so that it will be blocked again soon. The problem cannot be solved fundamentally. If a high-pressure pipe dredging machine is used, it can generate a powerful pressure water jet, which can clean the dirt inside the pipe. Strong pressure can remove them to solve the blockage problem from the root source! And the high-pressure pipe dredging machine does not use chemistry. Therefore, the cleaner is non-polluting and has a good effect on environmental protection!


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