How to classify high-pressure industrial washing machines by drive engine

October 30, 2019
Latest company news about How to classify high-pressure industrial washing machines by drive engine

How to classify high-pressure industrial washing machines by drive engine

High-pressure industrial washing machines are classified according to the driving engine. There are three main categories: motor-driven high-pressure cleaners, gasoline-powered high-pressure cleaners, and diesel-driven cleaners. These washing machines are equipped with high-pressure pumps. The difference is that their high-pressure pumps operate differently, respectively, using motors, gasoline engines, or diesel engines. The advantage of the gasoline engine drive and the diesel drive cleaner is that the two drive high-pressure washers do not require a power source and are suitable for field operations.

The role of high-pressure cleaners in oil fields in the extraction of crude oil needs to be extracted through the pipeline. Because the crude oil contains paraffin, it is easy to adhere to the pipe wall, causing the blockage, and in the production of petroleum, polymers will be produced. Coking, grease, scale, sediment, rust corrosion, and other dirt will adhere to the pipeline, reducing production efficiency. If it is serious, it will form a blockage, and the production will be normal. This requires timely cleaning and discovery. The high-pressure cleaner is a better choice for cleaning up. The high-temperature and high-pressure cleaner can quickly melt the oil, paraffin, and grease, and the water will wash them away to restore a clean pipe wall. At the same time, the cleaning method has an obvious effect and no corrosion. This is because no pollution, high efficiency, saving time, and effort can effectively reduce tubing waste, so it has been adopted and widely promoted by more and more oil fields.

In the field of industrial cleaning, the application industry of high-pressure cleaners has been quite extensive. Still, it has not been popularized, mainly because of the limitations of factors such as process and technology. The pressure of domestic ultra-high pressure cleaners can only reach 1500-2000 bar. To achieve higher pressure, it is necessary to consider the supercharging problem. Then, what kind of method should be used to achieve supercharging? The pressure supercharging machine is supercharged in two ways. One uses a high-pressure piston pump, and the other uses a high-pressure piston pump. This is the supercharger, both of which have their own characteristics.

The use of high-pressure cleaners is essential! When cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner, the angle is important. If the nozzle is perpendicular to the cleaning surface, this method increases the force acting on the cleaning surface. Still, it is not easy to be the cleaning material is washed away, especially the thick heavy oil, and the vertical surface cleaning will enhance the adhesion of the oil. In fact, the correct cleaning method is to make the high-pressure cleaner closer to the surface to be cleaned so that the sprayed water should be cleaned at a certain angle to the surface to be cleaned.

Cleaning principle of high-pressure cleaner: The principle of high-pressure cleaner is straightforward. It is to increase the water pressure by a high-pressure pump or supercharger and then shoot it out. The sucked water reaches the nozzle through the high-pressure pipeline, and the high-pressure, low-flow water passes through the high-pressure nozzle. It is transformed into a jet of high pressure and a high flow rate; this powerful impact force and water flow can peel off and remove the dirt to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

Classification principle of high-pressure cleaning equipment for cleaning and protective measures during operation? Because the equipment has high-pressure water, it is also dangerous. To reduce the accident, it is recommended that the operator should do the following protection work when using the high-pressure cleaner. 1. To prevent damage to the head, wear a helmet, mask, goggles, and goggles with edges to ensure the safety of the operator's head while wearing foam earplugs or earmuffs to protect the hearing. 2. Wear protective clothing as required to protect the body‘s trunk. 3, at the same time, both feet should also wear waterproof shoes and metal protective sheets for protection. 4, good protective gloves, such as rubber gloves, wire mesh reinforced gloves and plastic gloves, etc., can be selected according to different environments to protect both hands. 5. If there is toxic gas in the environment, be sure to bring a respiratory protector device to ensure safety.


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