The principle of high-pressure industrial cleaning machine to clean stubborn stains

October 28, 2019
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The principle of high-pressure industrial cleaning machine to clean stubborn stains

The principle of the high-pressure industrial washing machine to clean stubborn stains? Because the high-pressure water jet of high-pressure washing machine has the composite crushing action of flushing, wedge-bending, shearing, grinding, etc., and the pressure is very high when flushing, like the knife, is cut, so It can immediately break up the scale and wash away the scale, thus achieving the separation of the scale layer and the object. Cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner is much faster than traditional cleaning methods. It has low cleaning costs, good effects, no environmental pollution, and high safety, so it is widely used in various industries to clean!
The ultra-high pressure cleaner is the same as other high-pressure cleaners. However, its main working medium is pure water. The high-pressure water pump pressurizes ordinary tap water to more than one thousand atmospheres. It then ejects energy through a small-aperture high-pressure nozzle—a highly concentrated jet stream.
Which pipes can be cleaned by a high-pressure pipe dredging machine? 1. Various types of sewage pipes, industrial water pipes, units, schools, enterprises, and residential areas, sewage pipes, drain pipes, gas pipes, flue pipes, etc. 2, municipal pipeline: accumulation for a long time, excessive accumulation of muddy debris in the pipeline, will cause blockage, affecting the smooth flow of normal sewage. 3, hotels, hotels, sewers, these areas of the pipeline with a large number of oil blocks, debris, and easy to block, generally dredge cleaning is not clean. Still, the standard is not the case. Choose high-pressure pipe dredging machine water jet cleaning dredge once solve.
The application case of the high-pressure cleaner's sugar industry: Guowei sugar has great viscosity, so it has been big trouble to remove the scale in the sugar industry. Previously, it was mainly the method of using hot boiled alkali. Manual cleaning with a steel brush is time-consuming and labor-intensive. The labor intensity is large, the alkali has a large corrosive pipeline function, and the environment is also polluted. For these problems, a high-pressure cleaner is now introduced as a high-pressure pipe dredging machine. The cleaning time is high, and the cleaning is clean. Before cleaning a tank, 6 workers need to clean with a steel brush for 6 hours. The effect after cleaning is not satisfactory. Now, two or three people can operate after cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner, and the cleaning efficiency is significantly improved, completely solving this difficulty.
The high-pressure cleaner has almost zero pollution in the environment. This is because the main medium of the high-pressure cleaner is only water. Its working principle is that when the impact of the sprayed water is greater than the adhesion of the dirt and the surface of the object, the dirt and the surface of the object The separation is carried away by the water flow to achieve the purpose of cleaning. The whole process has no chemical additives, only water, so the high-pressure cleaner is non-polluting.
Why is it difficult for domestic ultra-high pressure cleaners to achieve automatic production? First, because the supercharger plunger has a relatively low moving speed, it is generally only 0.2m/s. The requirements for seals are not high, so the requirements for inlet water pressure are low. As a result, the water can be cut off without a water tank, which avoids the water overflowing the water tank during use. In addition, each group of superchargers is independent, so when a group of superchargers in a high-pressure cleaner fails, the other superchargers automatically speed up the movement and provide greater flow. The only downside is that the supercharger has a small flow rate and must be equipped with a hydraulic system, making it difficult to automate production and assembly.


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