High-pressure cleaners are widely used in industrial cleaning

October 30, 2019

High-pressure cleaners are widely used in industrial cleaning.

With the continuous development of the industry, the environmental requirements are getting higher and higher, the use of high-pressure cleaners continues to expand, especially in the field of industrial cleaning, has become the preferred equipment for industrial cleaning, has been vigorously promoted and used, high-pressure cleaners are widely used in industry Line cleaning.
The future development prospects of high-pressure cleaners: 1, diversification, equipment is more and more subdivided, divided into flat pressure washers, high-pressure pipe dredging machines, wall cleaners, and so on. 2. The pressure and power range are also constantly increasing. There are already 500 kilograms of pressure on the market, and they are constantly improving to meet the requirements of different industries. 3, more and more intelligent, integrated, easier to use.

Steam high-pressure cleaners are different from traditional high-pressure cleaners. In particular, high-pressure cleaners produce unique molecular oscillations under the combined effects of heat, humidity, impact, ionic vapor oxidation, and reduction. The hot water sprayed from work is directly converted into steam. The high-heat steam directly destroys the peptide bond of the protein so that the dirt can be completely removed from the object's surface to be cleaned, and the bloodstain, which is difficult to clean, is completely removed and economically—oil stains, etc.

Can the high-pressure cleaner clean chemical dirt? The answer is yes. For some dirt impurities that chemical cleaning methods should not remove, the high-pressure cleaner also has excellent effects; this way, it can not only clean the object's surface; the key point is that it will not cause two times. Contamination, unlike chemical cleaning, has a great environmental hazard. There is no special requirement after the high-pressure cleaning machine has been cleaned. It does not need to be cleaned. The operation is effortless, saving time and cost for the enterprise and contributing to environmental protection.

Precautions before use of steam high-pressure cleaner: Before use, you must carefully read the product introduction manual; at the same time, confirm the electrical system and sufficient power supply capacity, properly connect the power supply of the machine; confirm the water supply source and connect with the automatic inlet valve of the machine. Ok, and open the water supply valve; confirm that the start switch is closed, connect the spray gun to the machine, and the drain valve at the bottom should be closed.


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