Application of high-pressure industrial cleaning machine in the sugar industry

February 10, 2020

Application of high-pressure industrial cleaning machine in the sugar industry

Application of high-pressure industrial cleaning machine in the sugar industry: Sugar has a large viscosity, so removing scale in the sugar industry has always been difficult to solve. Previously, hot soda ash was mainly used, plus manual labor Cleaning with a steel brush is a time-consuming and labor-intensive method, with strong manual labor, and alkali has a great effect on corroding pipelines and pollutes the environment. In response to these problems, a high-pressure cleaner is now introduced as a high-pressure pipeline dredger. It is high and clean. It used to take 6 workers to clean a tank with a steel brush for 6 hours. The effect was not satisfactory after cleaning. After cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner, two or three people can operate it, and the cleaning efficiency is significantly improved, completely solving this difficulty.


Like other high-pressure cleaners, the ultra-high-pressure cleaner uses pure water as its main working medium. After the ordinary tap water is pressurized to a pressure of more than 1,000 by a high-pressure water pump, it is sprayed by a small-pore high-pressure nozzle—a highly concentrated jet beam.


In the field of industrial cleaning, the application of high-pressure cleaners has been quite extensive. Still, it has not been widespread, mainly due to the limitations of technological and technological backwardness, which makes the pressure of domestic ultra-high pressure cleaners only reach about 1500-2000bar. To achieve a higher pressure, the problem of pressure boosting needs to be considered. So what kind of method should be used to achieve pressure boosting? There are no more than two pressure boosting methods for high-pressure cleaners. One uses a high-pressure plunger pump, and the other is A supercharger, both of which have their own characteristics.

How to clean up the places with heavy oil stains? Hotel flue cleaning, exhaust hoods, and stoves are much oily and stick to the equipment. Such cleaning is better if you choose a high-temperature and high-pressure cleaner. Because the current high-temperature and high-pressure cleaning machine have a working pressure of 200 bar and a flow rate of 900 liters per hour, the outlet temperature is about 180 degrees, and the speed of melting oil is breakneck. Therefore, in places where the drainage is convenient, and the environmental requirements are not too high, the high temperature and pressure washer is still a good choice.


The application of high-pressure cleaners in cleaning synthetic rubber glue tanks. The cleaning method before the synthetic rubber glue tanks is cumbersome. Scaffolding, pedaling, and manual shovel, and other tools are required to complete the cleaning. This method is very labor-intensive. The work speed is slow, requires a lot of workforces and material resources, and the dirt is not cleaned, and the entire cleaning operation environment is very harsh, which is prone to accidents. Now use high-pressure cleaners to clean up. An umbrella hanger is used to reduce the disadvantages of occupying a lot of workforces and material resources. When it is closed, it is put into the tank from the top of the glue tank, and then the umbrella rack is opened, and the appropriate pedals are installed. To build a work platform that can move up and down, the work platform is moved up and down by mechanical control outside the tank. The operator of the high-pressure washer stands on the working platform and can hold the spray gun to clean any position of the glue tank to achieve the purpose of cleaning. This is currently a more scientific, economical, and environmentally friendly cleaning method, which more and more users have adopted.


Why is a high-pressure washer an environmentally friendly cleaning device? A high-pressure washer is called an environmentally friendly cleaning device because its main medium is pure water. A high-pressure nozzle sprays a highly concentrated water jet with a small hole diameter. Because this water jet has huge pressure, it can be instantly released on the cleaned dirt to remove the dirt on the surface of the equipment. It is based on any medium, so it will not cause any pollution to the environment. It is a well-known environmental protection cleaning equipment, so more and more people recognize it.


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