Gearboxes and Geared motors

August 3, 2019
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Gearboxes and Geared motors

Top Quality Geared Motors. Watt Drive gearboxes and geared motors are the electro-mechanical key elements for low backlash, smoothly running, and highly dynamic drive systems.

Our high-performance gear units are built to withstand the toughest industrial applications.


The gear housings are machined on all sides and permit diverse mounting positions and applications, making them much sought after in the industry. As a result, our geared motors are often found as part of our customer's own machines.

The smooth running of Watt Drive gear units and the outstanding load capacity of WATT teeth are achieved with 3D design supported by FEM (Finite Element Method). This tooth geometry guarantees optimum rolling contact under load.

The special tooth root design combined with tooth helix angle, tooth depth, the materials used, and surface finish maximizes load capacity. This high gearing capacity enables smaller wheels to be used for the same torque, and smaller gears with exceptional power density also increase reliability. Watt Drive geared motors are consequently incredible space savers.

Gearing manufactured with such micro-geometric precision allows the gearing play required for trouble-free rolling contact to be substantially reduced and, therefore, the gear backlash.

Double chamber shaft seals developed by Watt Drive are standard in the parallel shaft, shaft mounted, and helical worm gears for a high level of tightness.

Watt Drive’s modular gear technology meets the requirements of advanced drive systems:

  • Excellent power density
  • Minimum backlash
  • Smooth running
  • Diverse mounting options
  • Maximum reliability
  • High variability

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